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Hello RR.net Family.

I promise I've been lurking about and contributing since 2002 under a different user. Not sure why memory of my username and password has faded, but that's what happens when you finally ditch a Classic and a P38.

Anyhow, my front bladders are losing air when the axle drops or rebounds from a bump. If I go over a speed bump, or hit a large enough bump in the road, there is a burst of air when the truck rebounds. I put it up on a post lift to mimic the drop/rebound, and when I lifted the truck (up, not in the air) the air seems to be rushing out of the area around the electrical connection at the top of the strut, not the air fitting. Has anyone run across this? The truck can sit for a week, or even two weeks without sagging, so there doesn't seem to be a static leak, just when the axle goes down or the body goes up..

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