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2010-2012 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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If you're able to drive both cars, as close as back to back as possible, the 2012 will feel the far more "sprightly" of the two.

The 2009's motor is pretty much bulletproof and you could easily expect another 100,000 miles trouble free use, with good maintenance. The 2009 L322 is a truly great car.

The 5.0 in the 2012 doesn't have quite the same reputation for longevity.

To an uneducated eye, the 2009 and 2012 cars will look very similar on the outside.

However, once you've owned one for a short while, the external differences between the two will become ever more obvious. Namely, the front and rear lights are different.

On the inside, the 2010-2012 dash has a more modern look but the rest of the interior, apart from the seats, is pretty much just a light do-over from the 2009MY, along with some additional airbags.

I advise driving both before deciding. You'll definitely be surprised in how different they feel.

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