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My 2011 RRShas been having issues since years!

One year ago, I run out of gas with the level display at half fuel!

LR checked and concluded the gas tank was deformed, and changed it (no cost, car was bought second hand with warranty– thank god). They also change the floater.

Over the year I’ve never let the km range go lower than 100km – afraid to run out of diesel. Once it went until 50 km range but reserve light (low fuel) didn’t come up – I found it strange.

This August, at 180.000km service maintenance I requested to take a look at that issue again – no reserve light.

The fuel tank, placed last year, was deformed again. Warranty changed it at no cost and LR found out that the hose that allows to come air into the tank was damaged –that’s why I heard lot of vacuum noise when putting fuel.

LR change the tank and the hose. No more vacuum when filling the tank. Fuel reserve was coming up at 60km range. Everything looked fine.

After 4.000km in the vacation with everything ok, the fuel level at the dashboard stopped at half tank, even with +600km run after filling up tank…

Car is again at LR and they just don’t know what to do…. They said they are contacting UK for advice…

Anyone withan idea on what’s happening?

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