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Hi All. i just purchased a 2011 RRSC with 93k miles and have a few issues I am trying to sort out. First When it is very cold and i fire up it misfires bad and reduced performance pops up on the screen. I get misfire codes for cyl 2,4,6,8 and P0316 for randoms in first 1k revolutions. it warms up for 30sec-1min and is fine, every restart after no problems and no codes. idles smooth and is quiet, i dont hear the dieseling like others have posted for timing chain issues.

I also get p0126 which i understand is the thermostat, its 16* here in Michigan and the engine sint coming to temp quick enough. I had same code on my 06 and replaced.

2nd issue is the air suspension, go figure. only getting a p0126 code and normal height only after 1min-90sec. overnight it will sit back down on all 4 corners otherwise its fine while driving and for several hours after. makes me think there may be a crack @ the drier?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks!
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