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Hello my fellow LR enthusiasts,

I have done quite a bit of digging on this topic but my ultimate goal is to have wireless apple CarPlay in my RR Sport but still have everything function as original. To the best I can tell this isn't quite impossible but pretty darn close and will be very expensive. I have seen examples on the internet of this but not from anyone within a reasonable distance from the Dallas, TX area.

The best option I have found here is killing the original screen (it would just be black all the time) and adding a 2nd radio head unit that has a screen for CarPlay etc. and redoing the amps and wiring so that it would not be fiber optic based. I was told the steering wheel controls, backup camera and possibly the original CD player would still function as original.

I have two questions for you all.

1. Would killing the original screen cause any problems other than not being able to see 4x4 info etc. (which isn't a big deal to me I just hate having a dead screen)

2. Do any of you have pictured examples of work that you have had done?

Sorry if this is a repost I am just really wanting to get this done without going crazy and spending like 5 grand.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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