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2011 RR S/C back up camera fixed but new question?

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This morning I noticed the back up camera was working intermitently on my daughter's 2011 RR S/C. It doesnt work at all on my son's 2007 RR S/C which I will get to soon, but since my daughter is going back to school soon I wanted to fix her's first. I had already watched several YouTube videos so I had a really good idea of what to expect but all the video's were pre-2010. So, after removing the rear spolier/rear brake light, disconnecting the video cable and the electric connection for brake light I noticed an additional female video cable and another wire just dangling. What the heck are these for? They were not connected to anything. I took the comera out of its housing and completley disassembled it, cleaning all the connections with electrical cleaning spray. I noticed I had a small amount of corrosion on the video cable which was my culprit. When I put it all back together it worked flawlessly. I am still left wondering what in the world these two cables/wires are for??? Anyone???
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