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There are a few major items which need to simply be removed from your LR and transferred to the donor motor = the oil pan and pickup, the engine wiring harness, the exhaust manifolds and the crank pulley, which has a single belt on the Jag but the LR has two belts. All of these items can usually be re-used from your LR motor.

You'll need to swap the oil pan and oil pump pickup from your engine to the donor Jag engine. (The Jag engine's oil pickup is bias to the front of the motor and the LR pickup is bias towards the transmission end).

Your mechanic will also need to tap a 6mm thread into a pre-drilled boss toward the rear of the block, which will be needed to retain the longer (LR) oil pump pickup. All JLR engines proceed down the exact same production line and are drilled (and tapped) specific to the engine code attributed to LR or Jag installation. JLR saves pennies per motor by drilling but not tapping every engine in an identical fashion. Once he/she lays the LR oil pump pickup pipe down on the "new" motor it'll be obvious where to tap. He/she will also need to use the existing scavenge pipe in the LR oil pan.

The oil pan is sealed with a bead of silicon gasket per the shop manual. Easiest to perform this with the engine inverted on an engine stand.

The engine harness needs to be changed as the ECM connectors are completely different but the fittings/sensors on the Jag engine will all line up, with the exception of the oil level sensor on the Jag which is at the front on the Jag and at the rear on the LR. Often times a replacement engine will come with the original wiring harness. Easiest to swap off the car one connector at a time if unsure as to where they go from memory and, after the oil pan has been replaced, the LR harness will line up perfectly.

Exhaust manifolds need to be swapped - purchase new gaskets and, once again, change over while engine is on the stand.

Crankshaft pulley needs to be swapped.

Hope that helps...

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