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2011 l322 no crank problem (PLEASE HELP)

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(HELP!!!) 2011 5.0 supercharged started with abs/tc/stability control light, lost stability control but started and drove fine other than not having stability control. Eventually I would have to play with it (put it into neutral back to park ect for 5 mins to get to start) and all lights would go away. now I get no crank. Every light is on the dash, battery is Farley new (11/22) and I trickle charged it for a day. No luck. When I was getting it to crank it would crank no problem very strong, somtimes the stability and all lights would go away while driving (thought it was a wheel speed sensor) recently it won’t start at all. I get power but no crank. It’s in access mode so I can barely get my chest under the car to look for loose grounds. Found this loose ground going to what looks like the alternator. Any suggestions on what it is?? anything would help! Checked all fuses . I know 3 voltages off could throw these vehicles off and cause them to not start (photo is of loose ground near alternator)
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that thing you pictured is a attachment plastic tip that plugs into a mount for the harness.

NOTE a trickle charger is not a battery charger.

go buy a battery charger that makes 2 amps and 6 amps,
and disconnect the ground on the battery,
and charge the battery for 4 hours at 6 amps.

NOTE get a can of Deoxit 100 ,
while thats happening clean both battery terminals ,
make sure that both terminals are tight ,
check the grounding points
put D100 on everything you touch,
From the POS terminal, follow the red wires to the junction points make sure to clean as many junctions as you can find.

Did all that, still same symptoms.. kinda stumped at this point
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