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Hi guys, I’m Lee and am a newbie to this site! I’m hoping some of you lovely people might be able to help me out! My '11 Evoque Si4 2.0 petrol engine has gone bang unfortunately and totally to my surprise after owning the vehicle for only 7 months! It’s become clear that this model is quite rare and finding a suitable engine replacement is seeming almost impossible! Am I correct by assuming that there are 2 versions of petrol engine for the Evoque? I believe that mine is the 204PT engine which fitted vehicles 2011-2015. After that period, it changed to the ingenie engine? Are both these engines interchangeable? Also, I’ve heard that my engine is the Ford ecoboost type. That being said, does that mean I can broaden my search to the Ford Focus ST 2.0 petrol engine as there seems to be more of those available on eBay at a more reasonable price! Are the Focus engines identical? My funds are limited so I’m trying to avoid having to purchase a brand new engine from Land Rover! Thanks in advance for any advice any of you can offer me.

Kind regards

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