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Hi all,

Quick thoughts please: a new vehicle to me, so I’m swapping all the fluids and doing a transmission service. The vehicle has done 120,000miles and is fully serviced by LR.

I’ve swapped the diff fluid today (the oil was in great shape; it’s probably been in about 25,000-50,000miles or so); no steel particulate or debris was found. However, sat on the drain plug magnet was a piece of roll pin.

The roll pin locates and holds the shaft which contains the planetary gears. Physical inspection through the filler plug shows that the end of the pin that faces the fill plug is intact and in the proper position; presumably, the broken end is on the sunwheel end of the diff casing (if the pin wasn’t broken in build). The broken part of the pin is from one half of the roll pin and measures 5/8” at its longest point to 1/2”.

Do I need to change the diff or is what is remaining of the pin sufficient to hold that shaft?

Has anyone had this issue?

Anyone think the part is not from the roll pin?

General thoughts?

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