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2010's are starting to show up...

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at least in Houston. No supercharged ones yet. Went to my dealer and they didn't have any, but did have an LR4. The interior is freaking awesome! If the RRS shares parts with the LR4, I'm going to be getting one. Test drove a supercharged RR and even with all the extra hp, I could barely detect that it was faster. New electronics were impressive though, but the LR4 was almost as good.
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They all have the backup cam as standard, its the other 4 cams that is optional arent coming in now. I saw a black one with a almond interior, but i have to say to my personally taste - the almond interior looked really really cheap. So far i like how the black on black looks with the dark wooden trim, im waiting to see more. I also gotta say that ive seen the white one, and that bar under the grill, the black one, doesnt really look so well, i wish it came in different colors.
Well he stated that it was an $850 option ... sounded like the full deal to me. Not sure though. It amazes me how dealers are so untrained on everything. My local salesman today was trying to convince me that an 09' s/c was indeed a 2010 ...
Small piece of advice.....always go in to buy a car/truck the month before the new model comes out.

NEVER go in to buy a truck the first month a new version comes out. The difference in the sales persons attitude is unbelievable. Last month, they couldnt give away the 09 sport for 15k off, now suddenly the new one, that will be guaranteed to have more problems than the more refined previous version, they won't budge off MSRP. Just wait until next July, it'll be amazing what they'll do on that 2010.
I asked my dealer about the incentives. The $3500 is only if you are currently leasing a land rover or competitive vehicle and your lease isn't up yet. It' to help compensate you for early lease termination.
No deal if you own or are financing your trade in.

The $1500 is to compensate the dealer for offering the "low" APR rates mentioned above that offer. If your dealer offers to pass along some of that $1500, check the APR that they give you.

So I think I'm staring at full MSRP.
Just test drove both the sport and LR4. The LR4 had intermittent problems involving the fob and starting the engine. Turned out to be a proximity issue. It had to be held right next to the steering column to work. Also it wouldn't allow locking of the doors from outside. Also the check engine light was on and a red triangle warning light. Sigh, it's starting already. I asked the salesman to notify me when they figure out what all the problems are. Hopefully just something simple.

Other than that, I was very impressed with the throttle response and handling of the LR4. Way way better than the LR3 I tested previously. It's good enough that the 3rd row, extra cargo room, and better off road ability might be enough to swing me away from the sport. Will have to see the SC first.
I'd definitely get the surround camera system at $800. Its almost, ahem, a bargain!
Yes, the salesman are very untrained on the new cars coming in, i know more than they do and thats just reading from the internet. Its kind of sad that this is their full time job and they dont know many details. Also on these brand new cars since they will sell in the beginning, they barely even approach you the right way - its basically "ok give me your check" without actually showing you all the features about the car, or at least in my experience so far.
Finally got to sit in a 2010. WOW! The interior is gorgeous! The smooth leather on the dash is awesome and the new center console is very well done. Door panels are upgrade from the previous. Wish the LCD in the instrument panel was better than 8 bit though, even VW Gti's have color LCDs.
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