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I went to my local Land Rover Center this week to get the final service before my warranty expires on my 2006 RRS HSE. I hit 4 years of ownership with only 35,000 miles and as of 11/11/2009 my sport is officially naked of warranty. I have been nothing but happy with my sport, granted it is english and voice command will never be right, so......

I test drove a new 2010 RRS HSE and
• I found the new interior to be absolutely beautiful w/ improvements that bring it up to date and even more luxurious.
• I found the suspension on the 2010 to be a little stiffer and not quite as smooth as my 2006. :(
• The exhaust is a hollower sound, I wish they would have tuned it be a little more throaty. :(
• I like how they flattened out the top of the cluster pod, the new squared off design is much more consistent with the rest of the vehicle :clap:
• No one ever told Land Rover to add another light the cargo space :doh:
• It seems that rain and wiper fluid will still drip on the window controls. :doh:
• The rear camera is crystal clear and a nice addition :dance:
• I like the Push Button start and stop, but where do you put the key, that hole in the dash that used to exist was a great place to put it while you are driving. Now I have a 2 inch torpedo sitting in the car.
• I will miss my telephone keypad :(
• I am not sure I can definitely say I feel the 25% increase in HP, I might have been distracted by the sound and rougher ride.
• Seat heaters return to their last known position after restarting the car. (wife likes that)

The dealer offered my 30K on my Zambesi silver 2006 w/ Lux, Sat and 35,000 miles. The dealer also offered me $3,000 off any new RRS as a loyal customer, that combined with the new 3.9% financing – This might be a “No Brainer”

My big problem is Zermatt Silver with Ebony Seats and Carpet
–or– Alaska White with Tan Seats and Ebony Carpet
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