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2010 Tech Questions

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Hey - Ok now 2nd post :)

I love my new 2010 Range Rover. I wish now I had gotten the supercharged, but I let my impulsiveness get the best of me. I get a company car every couple years and just stepped out of a Mercedes C63 AMG, but have not missed it much.

I love having a place to talk about our cars, innovations and changes or upgrades possible. I have a few questions:

1. Does anybody know if the 2010 NAV system has a hack? I have read all over about the BMW hacks in the past

2. What about the dual view LCD? It works over the pond, but is there a hack for the US versions, or did they change the screens?

Apologies if these are already discussed, but have not found a good way to identify some of these for the 2010 forums.

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The dual view screen is not available in NA currently. There are no nav hacks that I am aware of.
Yeah - I guess I should have clarified -

I would think that costs would be cheaper to have the dual view sreen in all vehicles then disabled them in the ones sent over to the US. At least I was hoping so :D

I am curious as to if this is the case, or if there is a NAV hack that will enable on the fly operations. I will be posting some pics shortly when I get my car back from the dealer. I had some stuff added.
Give it some time - once BBS (see diagnostic section) decipher the electronics, I'm sure you'll be able to activate stuff that's switched off for the US market.

I am looking forward to learning more about what is inactive in this car. There was a ton of info that I found on my Mercedes C63 AMG. I really like the features of this 2010.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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