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I own a 2010 range rover sport and it continues to cold start misfire!

I've taken it two local range rover mechanics who specialize in Land Rovers and they think major issue are on the horizon.

I just bought the car a year ago and had to already replace timing chain. I then had to service the fuel injectors.

I'm 10k into repairs and now they think coolant is leaking into engine. 2 separate mechanics feel the same way...


This forum thread explains to a T what im experiencing now. Any insights? TIA

Sorry - mechanical issues are not my strong point so bear with me!

Sorry to hear that!

At some point you're going to have to decide whether or not to cut ties or see this project through completion... Where did the $10k figure come from? Was that all between the timing chain and injectors??

I’ve got 90k on it.
If two separate mechanics believe the head gaskets are failing/failed, that's likely going to be your issue. Have you received quotes from both of them for repairs? Definitely not an easy job, or one I would attempt myself, so you need to decide now if it's worth it to spend that extra money and have a running vehicle or cut your losses and sell as-is at a significant discount.

I've taken on my fair share of project cars, but a vehicle with spotty reliability + bad head gaskets is something I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole unless it was practically free.

The benefit of fixing the head gaskets is that they'll be able to poke around inside the engine while they're in there and hopefully find any other issues that might be occurring, and fix it right then. Hypothetically you should have a reliable vehicle after they perform this service.
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