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2010 Sport dead battery

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Hi All, I hope someone can offer me some advice as Im lost.
I have a 2010 RRS HSE On sunday I was on the motorway traveling at around 75 mph. All of a sudden there was a red battery sign on my dash and the whole car just shut down. I was lucky in that I was in the inside lane so I could coast to the hard shoulder. Nothing would work, apart from the hazard lights, the dash kept saying that it couldn't find the smart key, although I was holding it beneath the steering column. Once the AA arrived he tried to jump start the car and that didn't have any effect. Today we tried to plug in a diagnostic, this didn't work as there wasn't enough power in the battery. My neighbour just came to my door saying my side lights were on??? I couldn't turn them off, the only thing left was to disconnect the battery. I have just purchased a new battery and will install it tomorrow. If anyone could give me some advice I would be very greatful, thanks in advance.
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A duff battery or failed alternator can give all sorts of erroneous messages and symptoms.

Also, please add a real location to your profile. Someone local, say.... in Coventry might be able to lend a hand. :thumb:
Many thanks, as I said I will fit new battery tomorrow and hope that helps. I will let you know how it goes.
I see the following link won't open from the FAQ above. It was written for P38s, but readings for alternator and battery measurements are the same across all models. Same with resistance reading in cables. All you need is a basic cheap multimeter.

This basic charging circuit testing thread tests the alternator output with and without full load. encourages you to clean Both ends of each cable and grounding points. There are even tests to check each cable for high resistance from internal corrosion.

You can have a new battery, but if the alternator is weak or a connecting cable is failing the battery is not going to charge. Likewise if you have a cruddy ground or failing grounding cable.

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Thanks. I have today fitted a new battery. The car locked and unlocked and the lights came on.
I got in the car and pressed the start stop button. As soon as I pressed the button everything went dead again, obviously not the battery.
How can I check the alternator if I can't start the car? I'm hoping that this is a simple fix and not anything catastrophic as the AA guy implied.
Hey Martin, any update on how you fixed your issue?
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