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Not sure if this has been posted (I think not) but just in case - this is for 2010 owner’s who have experienced one or more of the following;

Software Issues with Satellite Radio screen symptoms:

• Screen freeze
• Screen defaults to different Satellite screen (i.e. SAT 1, SAT 2, SAT 3)
• Main screen satellite menu doesn’t match header menu (i.e. on SAT 1 but header reads SAT 2)
• After restart of engine Satellite screen on different menu from last use
• Misc. menu issues

I was at my dealer today (to test drive the new XJ) and asked the lead Tech some Q’s about HD radio. While tapping through the menus on my NAV screen he noticed my Satellite radio is having bullet #2 issues above. I totally didn’t notice before! :oops:

He said several customers have already complained and Land Rover is aware of the issue but right now it’s just a service “bulletin” – i.e. a TSB has not been released. However dealers are aware of the glitch and waiting on a SW update.

So if you happen to be having any of the above (or similar) I would just ask your dealer in a month or so if there’s been a TSB… If you don’t see it here first from Umbert! :thumb:

Chronoguy is absolutely correct on the USB. My XF did the same thing. Tried a smaller USB and Tah-Da! From the get-go I used a smaller one in my RRS so I never got the error message.
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