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2010-2012 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi Everyone,
I have owned my 2010 RR MK3 Classic for a year now with a current mileage of 94,000 KM and i am facing 4 problems:

1. I am hearing a rattling noise (not always) from the engine which makes it sound like a diesel bus when it is on Park or Neutral (when i kick the peddle to the metal and my RPM rises the noise disappears)

2. A fan noise comes out from the dashboard (few minutes after i start the engine) and remains till the rest of the ride which is annoying.

3. The vehicle vibrates when the RPM is between 1600 and 2100 (especially when driving uphill) and this makes the ride uncomfortable.

4. Errors showing on scanner (related to ABS, Ride Height, Speakers), after the technician clears them they come back....while fault code: U210100- Control module configuration incompatible (Entertainment probably) is not even getting cleared and the scanner mentions that this fault is permanent.

I would appreciate if you guys advise with the cause and solution of each problem.

Thank you
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