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2010 PS Shaking After Fluid Change

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I recently did a PS fluid change on my 2010 N/A. I used CHF11s and made sure to get all old fluid out. Old fluid smelled burnt, which was the motive to replace it.

From the point of doing the change, it has started vibrating a bit if you quickly turn while not moving or moving slowly. Any ideas? Is it actually CHF202s? LR dealer recommended ACE fluid which is the same as CHF11s, am I looking at a new pump?
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I have used CHF202, it is FUCHS recommended for land rover cars, and have no problems. I also flush my system using vacuum pump, fast easy and no danger of puling air in the system.

Sounds like maybe you haven't fully bled the air out. Usually a few lock to lock turns with burp the system
I had done that with the cap open, should it be closed? Picked up the CHF202 from Autozone and will replace the fluid again tomorrow night or when I can get to it. I managed to use my Mityvac to suck the fluid out though which was nice..

did you disconnect return line and suck fluid that way or just suck it from the reservoir?
I sucked it from the reservoir, filled it, turned lock to lock at least 3 times, and repeated until I could no longer see old black fluid but nice green fluid.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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