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2010 L322 1200 watt HD stereo

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After much research I have determined that the 720 watt amp and the 1200 watt amp uses the SAME wiring harness. The amp and speakers are different all the wiring is the same. I attempted to order the amp and the front speakers today. the list on the amp is $968 but it is currently unavailable.

Just wanted all to know that this is a simple swap.

Also, I am working on unlocking the Nav. Thus far I have enabled the Nav on Mov using my Black Box nano but I believe I need to sync the BCM with the PCM but the dealer has to research how to do this using the IDS. Any info on how this would by done on IDS would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the 1200 watt stereo, it sounds good, but certaintly not the best car audio system I've heared. Not sure spending all that $$ on the amp is going to be a great investment- but leave that up to you.

I'm more interested to see if you come up with a hack for the 2010 nav system, keep us posted.
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