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2010 front and rear lights

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I know a few people have asked about if it's possible to fit the new 2010 lights to older models and here is a guy who has done the full 2010 conversion with a few details:

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Looks amazing! :thumb:

Well done on the part of this guy! Now his car is brand new again!
I don't see how that would work with the factory grill on a 2003-2005? They don't have that type of plastic near the grill? Anyone else?
Wow that is amazing, I will be doing this in mid to late 2010, I might keep my 03 or buy a 2006, Anyone know the total cost of this conversion?
He should remove the oval Land Rover badge from the tailgate though... That is SO 2009...
Looks great except that Dame Edna designed those new headlamps. :roll:
J.Millionaire said:
Wow that is amazing, I will be doing this in mid to late 2010, I might keep my 03 or buy a 2006, Anyone know the total cost of this conversion?

I would like to know the same things... as well as how similar is this facelift to the previous facelift ('03-'05 ----> '06) is it just a matter of parts? That is, of course, if anyone knows. Maybe we can get this cat from l322.com to come join us here for some Q&A :)
He has pricing and part numbers here:


It's in UK Pounds but it's a good starting point.
I'm assuming that he meant to label the top list 2006(facelift)-2010 because you would need a lot more parts to facelift from 2002-2010 than what he has listed there.
I was not able to find any info like part number and prices for the taillights or who he ordered them from.
"Dame Edna designed those new headlamps"... Still laughing like a madman but unfortunately not true: it's stolen from Chevrolet and their flagship vehicle Kalos:


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As I can understand, to upgrade REAR lights, we will need to remove old brackets (I don't know which one), and drill 2 new holes, and add something into it.
Am I right?

As for connector, it will be plug and play?

I would like to do a facelift to bring it up to a 06 or so.

His parts list are a bit confusing....

Anyone else done somehting like this?
i'm currently fitting the rear lamps to a 2007 l322 only problem i have sofar is the the fog lamp is constantly on found it id feed with a 3.5 constant when the side lights are on! when i test the original lamp the fog lamp bulb is the side light as well? how do i get round this cheers
Sorry to interupt, but I wonder where did you get them 2010 rear lights?
And did you drill 2 holes as www.l322.com done?

And I wonder, why l322, told me that there is no problem at all with fitting them, but he have 2002 RR.

Forgot to add, NO Error msg on the DashBoard?

And FOG lights always on, or its only on when you turn on side lights?

I'm sorry but I don't see the point. You can spend all of this money, do all this work and the only people who'd notice the difference will also spot that it's a fake. Also, when you come to sell it, who'll want a car that has been mucked around with? I can understand upgrades for performance or safety but just for looks when it's only trying to look like something it's not doesn't spin my wheels. IMHO of course.

the fog lamp is on permantly on my 2007 L322 with the side lamps are on when you disconect the fog lamp the warning lamp comes on on the dash
But how you can disconnect the FOG lamp, if its LED?

so I have a 2006 range rover, how exactly do I get this new look and what do I have to spend. Also Im in North america?
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