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Just had my 2010 FFRR SC 5.0L to the LR dealer to get new chains and tensioner and guides and 4 new cam sprockets,
also had them swap in a new water pump and thermostat
it now runs quietly.

Prior to sending it to the dealer I swapped out the plugs,
the truck ran fine with the new plugs.

I am now getting an occasional rough running condition at idle in gear,
this can be felt in the steering wheel and seat and pedals
otherwise the engine runs great and its quiet.

I checked codes and it was showing
a misfire under 1000 rpm,
and misfire on #8 this is driver side rear on USA trucks
I put a new Bosch coil on #8 and cleared the codes ,
no more codes but still the rough running
its worse when its cold.
I am suspecting a dirty injector ,
all of the injectors were removed and new seals installed.
The SC was also removed and 2 base gaskets installed and the SC center gasket replaced
I have to take it off to swap out the nose coupler with the new green version.

Any one have any ideas to get rid of the shuddering?

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I see you haven't had any replies so I thought I'd chip in...

I've had a bad misfire at low RPMs on the BMW engine from an injector wire that had been clipped in but not properly seated. Some CRC 226 sprayed and a bit of contact cleaning it was running fine. Worth a try?

Also, why not talk to the service manager? They're the ones to take the truck apart, and previous to that it was running smoothly, never mind the clicking noise.
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