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G'day all,

I have recently purchased a 2010 Autobiography and am dealing with some of the left-overs of the previous owner.

I am really confused about the rear tow hitch assembly and am hoping someone can shed some light.

I am in Australia so I believe the tow hitch assembly is a Hayman Reese job so it's quite recessed under the Rangie.

However to me it looks like the previous owner has done a grinder-job to access it (see photos), and even though I have now sourced the official Hayman Reese 21181 towbar it doesn't go in far enough to put the pin in.

Can any offer any photos of their towbar assembly or advise on what should have been done so I can correct this and get the towing sorted?

Part II of the towing would be to try and swap the 7-pin large round adapter for a 7-pin flat and tuck it up out the way - but that's for another day.


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It's an aftermarket receiver never designed for an L322 and should never have been installed. Factory style hitch receivers drop down significantly but are recessed to help maintain departure angle. They require no bumper hack job as pictured above.
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