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2010 5" TFT Display

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I read somewhere that the new 2010 Range Rover Sports should have turn by turn navigation on the 5" display in the dash cluster. That same display should also be able to show the radio stations and such.

My MY10 with a build date of 7/09 doesn't do any of that. Is there a way to turn this on? Any ideas as to why mine wouldn't have this option?

James D.
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My RRS is date coded 8/09 and does not have, The service manager and I drove a 10/09 car and that did not have it, Yesterday morning the lead mechanic searched every module update and could not find it. So I can officially say as of yesterday - Turn by Turn on the center display does not exist in the United States.
Thanks for that informaiton. That sucks, I feel like that center display really serves no major purpose. Who wan't digital gas gauges anyway. I'll still go ahead and ask my SoCal dealer here about it when it goes in on Monday. If I find anything out I'll be sure to post it.
What’s funny about the gas gauge is that for the two days I had my sport before the alleged mouse ate the wires, The dealer gave me a full tank (which I did not know) so the gauge was the solid white color and I never saw the indicator go down. I had no clue if the tank was full or empty or what! It was only yesterday when we were driving around in other 2010's that I saw what a half tank of gas looks like on the gauge.

HAHAHAHA.... I had the same experience with the gas gauge....Lucky (not so much) for me I have a heavy foot and barely get 12mpg so my guauge dropped quickly!

They really need to flash the onboard computer to give that display more functionality.
A sponsoring LR dealer on the UK forum has never heard of such increased functionality of the TFT display starting with September 09 production, even though that date appeared prominently on a bunch of pre-release documents and brochures... Not a good sign. He hopes for the additional functionality - turn-by-turn navigation and MP3 info display in particular - to be implemented eventually, but he didn't know when that might happen. He also had no idea whether early production 2010s could be updated via software to receive the additional features on the display at a later time (if they are ever introduced.) The shop manual is mum about it, and there are no special service bulletins issued, either.

The TFT display is virtually identical to the one on the Jaguar XF, I wonder if that car includes the added information on that display already? Any Jag XF owners here?
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