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2008 Running Boards

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So we picked up the 2008 rover Friday night, made for a long day. 10 hours total driving and a couple st the car lot. Do it has the fixed running boards and so far everyone has managed to kick them with the shins. Wife says get them off. They’re not bad looking but my shins say gotta go as well. I haven’t looked into pulling them off yet but it looks like they should come off easy. It needs a few things.. owners manual, rear cargo covers, cd magazine and oem floor mats, but it’s been running smooth and drives great. Got its first wash this morning.
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Didn’t even look at that. I guess they will stay for now. Seems rear mud flap is missing a screw or 2, it’s a bit loose. Guess I should fix that.
Ok, the ruining boards have stayed on and the passenger side trim is cracked. Are there replacement trims available or does the whole thing need replacing? If the whole thing needs to be replaced them i will probably pull them.
I managed to find replacement inserts, Part numbers are VUB001300 and VUB001310, prices range from 43.00 to 110.00 each. LRparts.net was the best price, just need to find out on shipping from the UK to the US.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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