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2008 Running Boards

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So we picked up the 2008 rover Friday night, made for a long day. 10 hours total driving and a couple st the car lot. Do it has the fixed running boards and so far everyone has managed to kick them with the shins. Wife says get them off. They’re not bad looking but my shins say gotta go as well. I haven’t looked into pulling them off yet but it looks like they should come off easy. It needs a few things.. owners manual, rear cargo covers, cd magazine and oem floor mats, but it’s been running smooth and drives great. Got its first wash this morning.
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I had the same issue with mine. I bought a set of standard front mud flaps so the holes wouldn’t be seen when I swapped them out. Much cheaper option than getting new panels and painting to match.

Taking them off wasn’t bad at all and installing the new flaps was simple as well. In my opinion, the RR looks much better without the running boards.

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