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2008 Running Boards

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So we picked up the 2008 rover Friday night, made for a long day. 10 hours total driving and a couple st the car lot. Do it has the fixed running boards and so far everyone has managed to kick them with the shins. Wife says get them off. They’re not bad looking but my shins say gotta go as well. I haven’t looked into pulling them off yet but it looks like they should come off easy. It needs a few things.. owners manual, rear cargo covers, cd magazine and oem floor mats, but it’s been running smooth and drives great. Got its first wash this morning.
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If it's got the OEM running boards with the front mud flaps you may want to reconsider pulling them. The front mud flaps fit over the running boards, so if you remove the boards the mud flaps look ridiculous as they've got the recess built into them to receive the runners. If you pull the mud flaps and assuming they were installed by the book, you should be left with 2 or three holes left in the lower panel of your fender.
Also yes they'll tear your shins up if you keep bumping them, had the same issue initially. Eventually you get used to them being there and they're easily enough avoided.
Didn’t even look at that. I guess they will stay for now. Seems rear mud flap is missing a screw or 2, it’s a bit loose. Guess I should fix that.
Take a look at the front flaps, I've seen people use adhesive but the proper install is to drill holes in the fender to accept a bracket. You should be able to get a finger under some part of the flap and pull it away from the body enough to see how it's attached. Most likely holes drilled though. I'm also pretty sure they sell front mud flaps that don't accept the running boards in which case you could probably get those to cover the drilled holes for when you remove the running boards. Lots of vids on youtube about this also, just make sure the vid is referencing an l322 and not a sport :) Finally, if you want no mud flap and it's drilled, the lower part of the fender that's likely drilled pops right off and it isn't a big body panel. You could easily bring the panels to a body shop or just fill, paint and clear over them in no time yourself.
boards are 150 on amazon come with new flaps and all the hardware. Just fit a set and they're great. They look exactly like OEM
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