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2008 RRS start almost stall?

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Hello. I am the proud owner of two RRS my 2008 I have owned for 5 years. Recently when I start the truck after sitting 8 hours or so, it rolls over good, however it almost seems to want to stall. Touch wood it hasn't yet. Once it rolls over and does this it kicks into fast idle and away we go! Any ideas as to why this is happening? Dirty fuel filter? I changed the mass airflow sensor already. Thanks in advance for help.

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Maybe clean the throttle bore and plate. How cold is it when it tries to start? Might be a bad temperature sensor, leading the ECU to think the car does not need cold enrichment . . or vice versa, thinks it is cold and overly enriches -- much like stuck chokes once upon a time.

A fuel system cleaning might also help: BG44K or GUMOUT SeaFoam copy or Lucas' best stuff.

How many miles on the plugs? Might be time.

And, do you have the latest 4.4L software updates?
hey 145000km. Original plugs. seems to only happen after it has sat in HOT weather. I do not have the latest software. Original from what i know!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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