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2008 RR SC versus 2009 or 2010 HSE

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I'm new to this board, and I was hoping you guys could help me out with some advice. Im in the market for a new vehicle, that I would like to keep for the next 2 years (there are a lot of cars coming out as a 2013 model year that I am eager to look at, including the new RR (Possibly?))

Anyway, was looking at the 2008 RR SC. Trying to find one with 30k miles and they seem to be running around 55-60k. I was thinking the 2008 because the vehicle already had 2 years plus of depreciation and also the vehicle will be under warranty for 1.5-2 more years (which is right around the time I would like to purchase my next vehicle).

My next option is to put out a little bit more money and go for a 2009 HSE luxury with about 15-20k miles or a 2010 HSE with 8-10k miles. These seem to be in the 65-70 range (from what i've seen on cars.com, autotrader etc). Personally, it doesn't make sense to go wit the 2009 as it essentially the same as the 2008, and does not have the interior upgrades or options for the new multiple camera views etc (along with external cosmetic changes in the 2010). Buying the 2010, however, seems like i would be taking a big hit with depreciation (which would not be the case if I went with the 2008 model above).

So i've tried to lay out my reasoning above. RIght now i'm leaning to towards the first option. But given the knowledge you guys have I am sure there are a number of things I am overlooking (i.e. differences in engines, maintenance, etc). I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. I am looking to purchase asap (i.e. within 1 week-- unless there is something I am overlooking and it makes more sense to wait)

Thank you so much!
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