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Hello All,

For a while (almost a year) I have been experiencing a fault when driving the big girl and thought I would let it be until something happened as most advice received was about the same from garages. Even the dealer wasn't sure if it was worth opening up as they would charge an arm and a leg and said "just drive it till something goes wrong".

I will try describe the situation as best as I can, will probably be shi£[email protected]! but bare with me please. As I drive off normally, 1st gear and also 2nd gear (sometimes just the 3rd gear) I feel a few "Thuds"; normal acceleration. I can mainly the thuds in the drive train, transmission and propeller shaft areas. Another way to describe it is imagine trying to walk forward while someone has you tied to a rope, not pulling but very gently nudging onto the rope, so it does not make you stop but causes an odd contraction, which forms a sound like someone slapping a couch 3 to 4 times in a row consistently, slowly or quickly.

I reached home yesterday after carrying a bit of weight, stones in bags about 15 of them; 200 Pounds. As I went to unload I smelt a clutch burn (similar to when one first drive a manual and delayed lifting off the clutch late causing that similar clutch burn smell). About 30 minutes later, I went for a drive and that thud noise referred to above was fairly clear at this stage. About an hour later reached home, I usually reverse the car into the parking spot and immediately noticed as I shifted to (R) the throttle was not responsive, I shifted to (D), same, no throttle response. I switched off and then tried to switch back on but key would not turn. I then removed the key and wait for 10 mins, then switched car back on, it worked, as I shifted from P to D, I felt a huge thud but this time it was clunky, and also gave the big girl quiet a nudge forward (D) or backwards (R). I very carefully moved a few meters (throttle response was very poor as well) and parked the car.


- Right Yellow Light Came On (Just under the temp. gauge)
- HDC Fault System not available
- Transmission Fault, Limited Gears Only

Note: Coincidentally, I recently serviced the big girl and the mechanic when test driving the car with advised that it sounds like the clutch is wearing off and pointed to the transmission.

Is it the clutch or am I off? Anything else I can do to see what needs to be done? Is this a job for the dealer only or a specialist garage?
I hope its not another brand new transmission?

As always, thanks for the support!
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