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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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First off let me say that this site is GREAT! I recently purchased a 2008 Range Rover Sport HSE with 138k miles. After fixing a handful of small issues that I was able to troubleshoot with the help from this site I feel like I am starting to make progress. Now I am only left with 3 problems.
First one is my GPS is not working correctly, it is giving me the GPS with a red line thru it on my Nav screen along with that my Satellite radio cannot acquire a signal. The AM/FM work fine. Not sure if those two could be related to maybe the roof antenna that may have gone bad.
Second problem is my key fob wont lock or unlock the car. I replaced the battery in the fob and tried the re-sync with no luck.
Third problem is the vehicle is bouncy and feels like I am all over the road. I've had new control arms put on and all the airbags hold air with no leaks and I am not getting any error messages of any kind. Could all four struts be shot? Or should I be looking else where. The rear is very bouncy and I get a sway feeling over just small dips in the road, but I am not hearing any kind of clunks or noises.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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