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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Searched for info but came up short. I have a few questions. I'm new to the L322 EAS. I did battle with a 1994 Classic's EAS for 5yrs before throwing in the towel slapping in 3" lift springs years ago.
2008 Range Rover 4.2 SC US truck. It seems like the majority of the EAS threads deal with 03-05. Not much on 06-12 trucks but I think the time has come.
My truck doesn't appear to have the Adaptive front suspension. Is this common? Not really sure on the history but I can see that all the strut tower bolts have been tooled. I'm guessing the struts have been replaced being a decade old with 116kmi on it. I just bought the truck a few months ago.

I understand that a few things were changed in 06 regarding the EAS system. Can anyone confirm what the differences are in a nutshell?

Lately, I've started to get some suspension faults and odd activity. I've ordered an ELM327 and the 4dcan Software from RSW. Should be here early next week.

1. If the truck has to articulate to say the middle or greater in its capability it throws a fault every time. "Standard ride height only". Minor articulation is fine. I assume this will be an articulation fault. Restart the truck and fine all day on the roads unless I pull into a steep driveway at an angle for instance.

2. The left front and right rear wheel always appear to be slightly lower than the others. I can see it with my eye as well as on the 4x4 info screen. I have yet to see a wheel go bonkers on the screen and point towards a height sensor.

3. I have had random suspension ups and downs at low speeds. Last night the front went all the way down when coming to a stop. Max speed warning came up. Restart and the front came right back up quickly and off we went. Last week the front went into the extended mode and the rear dropped to stops. Same message. Before restarting I decided to hit the access mode button the door. It dropped the front to access but the rear stayed down. Restart and back to normal on its own. Days go by without faults.

Last week I replaced all the front suspension arms, links, and ball joints on both sides. (I did the final torquing at standard height). Took it out on my land to the natural articulation mounds I have to give it a solid work over. on exiting the Left side of the truck dropped to just below standard height while the right staying in extended mode. This is all while in Low range Rock Crawl mode going like 5mph.

4. I had some luck cleaning the potentiometers with dielectric cleaner on my height sensors for the Classic. Has anyone tried cleaning this new style? Can the be dismantled?

I've left it in standard height sitting in my level garage for 2 days with virtually no change to the height. This has got my head spinning wondering if I have a height sensor issue, calibration issue or possibly a valve body or cross valve issue. Should I disable the system by pulling the maxi and drive it for a bit? Will that disable any valves from dumping pressure and allow me to really check for leaking?

I would greatly appreciate any help. I am excited to have the software to look at everything in depth. I'm used diagnosing this stuff with a wiring diagram, 12volt power source, and a multimeter.
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