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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi All,
im new to posting here. I previously had a 06 L322 that i loved and sold to buy a raptor. i wish i never sold it. i recently bought a 08 L322 HSE and the day ofter i drove it off the lotm my wife called saying that it went into power reduction mode and the temp was high. i told her to pull over and stop and when i got there i knew the damage was done. the head gasket was blown. coolant was spewing, white smoke was billowing...etc. but the coolant sprayed onto the ecu/fuse box cover which had a big crack in the cover. so now when i turn the key on it shows Transmission failure, HDC fault, parking brake auto release unavailable, ant the stability control light. could it be that the trans ecu got wet and is fried? i know that i need a new motor already but any thoughts or experience with this sort of cascade effect?

any help is much appreciated.

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