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2008 HSE Driver Side Heat Constant problem

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In the past 4 years, almost every year I keep on getting failure on the driver side heat. I have already replaced motors etc twice and once again I have an issue. I have checked the forums to find if there is an known issue causing this to re occur over and over. I have found the issue but it looks like only once. I just keep on getting the issue of no heat at the driver side.

Does anyone know of any reason this could be keep on happening?


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Well if your blend door is not operating smoothly changing a motor is only going to mask the root issue. Have you removed the motor and manually moved the blend door to check for binding or sticking spots?

BTW: you do not have an L494 if it is a 2008. What model do you really have so this can get moved to the correct forum? You have a choice of L320 Sport or L322 full size.
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