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Two problems - not really related but getting value for money from this post !

I have a 2007 Vogue TDV8 with 260K miles on it. Its got the 6 speed ZF6HP26 sealed for life (yeah right !!) transmission

I became aware of a transmission judder a few weeks back and added a tube of Shudder Fixx plus a top up of ATF. I have a small ATF leak from the sump gasket so the fluid had got a bit low, took a litre to fill it back up.
All seemed good for a few weeks but now the shudder is back and gear changes have become notchy and wandering, from rest or coming to stop its jumps into 1st gear. - originally I only had the shudder.
I've never seen any dashboard messages but last night I did get a "Transmission Failure" message for a few seconds - Plugged in the code reader this morning and no codes are stored.
I'm unsure how old the ATF is but its not looking great, it looks quite black.
I'm going to try a can of Lubegard Platinum to see if that will help. Unless anyone can suggest a better solution ?

Also I think the transfer box is on its way out. From rest if I pull away quickly I get a rapid "dunk-dunk-dunk-dunk" noise from under the middle of the vehicle as soon as I ease back on the throttle it stops - is it possible it's the transfer case chain jumping on its sprockets or is there another explanation ?

Thanks to anyone who responds

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