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Symptoms - Steering unlocked (won't lock at all), but no key turn unless I either disconnected the battery, or pulled fuse 18. Rather than a fuse switch, I opted for a permanent solution (or as much as can be with these lovely beasts we love to hate).

Pulled the column. Disassembled the ECU housing. Bought the solenoid magnet. Replaced the magnet (correct orientation). I now have 3 clicks and the steering column locks. But... no unlock, and certainly no key release for ignition. Fuse 18 "fix" doesn't work either now.

Took apart motor iunder ECU. Can see it trying to turn the teeth, but it reaches a certain point and retracts. It won't disengage the steering lock. I manually disengage the teeth and unlock the steering lock, put in the solenoid and reset the teeth to unlocked position. Put everything back together. No steering lock, but no key turn. Remove key. Steering locks. But again, 3 clicks and no steering unlock. No battery removal, no fuse 18, nothing. Column is locked.

So, I now have steering column lock, but no unlock. Key still won't turn...

I'm about at wit's end here... any thoughts?
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