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I have a question regarding the brakes on a 2007 Range Rover HSE Supercharged. I did a brake job over a month ago and changed the rear pads which were easy, the fronts are easy as well if you know Brembo brakes but instead of pulling the pins out I split the calipers and did it that way. I made sure that the seals were in place when I put them back together and bled them so I had the brakes working perfectly. Long story short I was on the highway the other day and all of a sudden the ABS light, Transmission fault and Suspension lowering came on and then the truck starting lowering and the ABS locked up all 4 brakes, I was doing about 60 and got off the exit. Had the car towed to Range Rover and they are basically telling me because I split the rotors this is not a warranty issue and I have to shell out $4500 for 4 new calipers, 4 new rotors, pads and a master cylinder. UGGGHHH!

When the car went to Range Rover it had brakes and a pedal and the resevoir was full of brake fluid. I am trying to fight this but was wondering what anyone else thought since I did the brake job over a month ago and had zero issues. I feel like they are using me as an excuse and just taking the easy way out.

Any thought I would appreciate it.

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