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2007 RRS Wont Start..... UGH.

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and new to owning a RRS. I bought a 2007 RRS SC and it worked great for a couple of days. All of the sudden, I went out to start it and all the power comes on and when you turn the key to start it, nothing happens. I replaced the battery and the starter. Any other ideas that I might be missing? I read someone to listen for the dings, is there a certain number that I should hear? I am getting frustrated and might have to tow it into the shop. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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If it cranks but does not start - probably fuel pump and you should test fuel pressure, or throttle position or other engine sensor. Try reading codes.

But if it does not crank at all, and battery voltage read some over 12 - could be the security system preventing start (if you have a second key - try that) or the ignition switch itself. Do a forum search to dig into those issues more ....

Good luck
Thanks for the reply. Battery voltage is good. Im leaning towards security issue. Check engine light is on after letting the key beep. I should mention that the key fob (only got 1 when I purchased) is broken so all I have been using is the key until my new fob arrives at dealer.
It sounds like the chip in the key is not in proximity to allow starting. Could also be the gear selector switch. Move ot around in park or try neutral.
That might be your problem then ... the security chip is on the green circuit board in the fob I believe - so you at least need to hold that piece close to the ignition when starting ...

I had broken fob casing and replaced it with one on eBay ..$10 or so ... but if the pcb is toast then you have a bigger issue - will most likely need to get a new key programmed by the dealer and that is not cheap
The board is fried. I tested it and it looks like it had a short on it. I will have to order a new key.
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