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2007 no power to radio/ blank screen

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I have an issue with my 2007 HSE the radio has no power, no display on screen, power button unresponsive and no orange light on the power button. 3 days earlier we had rain here and i noticed that the front passenger A pillar had a small amount of water there, found that my sunroof drain was clogged and cleared the drain for the front passenger sunroof drain. The passenger floor was a little damp, so I put it under cover and let it dry out. The last 2 days I did not have any issues. Earlier today I got into it and the radio/nav screen had no power or display. Looked through the forums and didn't find an answer. Did a bit of troubleshooting in the meantime:

Checked all of the fuses in the glove box/trunk and they were good
Checked the components in the rear driver side and found all was dry there
Checked the radio module under the glove box, was dry, did not see any water spots on the board

Is there any thing else to check? Do the symptoms seem like a dead radio module? Thanks everyone.
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In case anyone has the same issue. There was no power visible in the radio module and no light in the MOST ring. The radio module was removed, cleaned with electric parts cleaner/toothbrush, and given a good drying with a heat gun after about a week without the radio. When the radio was taken apart there were some signs of corrosion between the board and chasis. After reinstall everything powered up and worked.
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