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Well I'm back, haven't posted anything since purchasing my second Range Rover, but I realized I couldn't drive anything else.

Anyway, my keyless entry on my 2007 HSE (flip key) had been rarely working. It would occasionally unlock the vehicle or pop the tail gate, but would never lock the vehicle. I had been using the actual key to enter the vehicle, sometimes setting off the alarm randomly. It was really annoying.

Turns out it was just the fob battery. The service manual states the flip key is non-serviceable and has a 14 year nominal battery life. Well after 8 years my battery was toast, and I wasn't about to pay the dealership $400 for a new key. I got a new fob shell and VL2330 battery off of ebay, cut apart my original fob shell, de-soldered the old battery to remove, and soldered in the new one. There is no reprogramming of the key needed.

My key fob works and looks like new again, I'm quite happy. Just wanted to share this in case anybody was having similar issues.
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