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2006 MarkIII / L322 4.2L SC: Is it Okay to Leave off Compressor Cover?

Hello everyone, this is my first post so take it easy on me.

Lately, I have noticed that my air suspension is slow to raise and lower. I'd say about 6-7 seconds per way. I arrived at this question by having some random "electrical gremlins," which have all been okay to manage thus far. Today, I had a "suspension fault" and so I took off the protection plate to have a peep. While it was off, I had my wife raise and lower the truck so I could watch and see what takes place and sure enough the suspension raised and lowered almost instantly (as if it were brand new and it had fresh air to breath). I would love to have it this way all the time, but wanted to double check to see if it would be okay to go ahead and leave it off.

So, do you all think it would be okay to leave the protection cover off?

My general concerns that come to mind are:
1. Carbon Dioxide?
2. Overheat due to no lid? You know, like a CPU in a computer tower?
3. Water from typical rain storm getting into the well of the spare tire?
4. ..... your thoughts ......
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