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Dear folks,

My car is 2006 Range rover L322 HSE.
Initially there was no problem. Had small problem of bit bumping. When car is cold, no problem. Only after getting warm shifting became harder. But never throwing fault code and come in to Limp Home mode.
I have advised to rebuild mechatronic valve body with Sonnax Zip kit together with Separator plate.

And 4 days ago I did this rebuild. Changed separator plate, end caps, accumulator pistons with springs, O-rings of solenoids etc. Didn't change solenoids because they were working fine in my opinion.

Now my car has 2 problems.
1. Shifting "Neutral" to "Drive" (I guess shifting to gear 1) is engaging very hard with delay of about 3 seconds. But once engaged shifting up/down no problem when driving.
2. Shifting 3-4 has problem. With automatic driving this shift throws fault code P0783. But in manual mode I can shift 3 to 4 with moderate driving.
Once engaged 4th gear then gears through 4-5-6 have no problem. it seems a bit harsh shifting down 5->4 in either mode automatic and manual.

Just for your reference: in auto mode my car tries to make shift 3-4 at speed 38-40 km/h. In manual I can make shift 3-4 at speed about 45-50km/h.

This is my problem. I would like to hear your valuable advises. Pls don't suggest me to visit dealers, because I did it many times with no success.

My regards to you.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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