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2006: Big Puff of smoke at start

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Here is what I think is an unusual one.....2006 with 36k miles....on 2 known recent occasions.....after a 60 plus mile trip the first time and a short 5 mile but "aggressive/enthusiastic" drive the 2nd and most recent time....the next morning upon starting the rover....I got big plumes of blue/grey smoke.....either from exhaust of under truck..not sure .but not under hood/bonnet.....puffs enough so very noticable, but quickly disapates and all runs/smells/looks normal after 30 seconds.

Did a quick search and saw posts about this happening to diesels/with pre-heaters....mine is a USA/HSE w. 4.4 jag v8 motor.

Interestingly, this am when it did it, it was the first morning start post dealership oil change....and radiator replacement (under warranty...i figured coolant smell/slight loss of coolant was notorious expansion tank..they said leaky radiator..replaced....thanks but interesting)....could this in any way be related...or just a result perhaps of some unburt fuel or something...assusimg blue/grey is oil/gas....but anyone have any ideas....?? thanks
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Ok, probably not at all related, but.. you never know.

I had a very similar problem with my RRS, where my acceleration would lag for a second and then all of a sudden a plume of black- purple smoke would come a bellowing scaring all behind me, afraid of an impending explosion. Turned out some rodents (squirrels, chipmunks, who knows...), as the above pics show were hoarding my dogs food and making a nest in my air filter, and chewing through some wiring harness that controlled the fuel regulator or some crap.

So, maybe you have a faulty wire somewhere that LR could look into, and hopefully not a pest problem. :lol:

Just a thought...
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I have a 2004 XJ8 with essentially the same motor. After driving the car allow the car to idle for about 30 seconds before swithing off the motor. This should do the trick. Probably the smoke is additional unburnt fuel residue burning off upon restart. I am NOT a mechanic but this is my observation. My car does not use extra oil nor does it leak or use extra coolant-so unburnt gasoline to me is the logical culprit. When i follow the above procedure the car does not smoke upon re-start. The engine has consistently run strong and exhibits no other adverse signs. 8-|= :p
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