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So I diagnosed a leaking oil cooler with the help of an indie shop. Getting it out was pretty straightforward, it's the one in front of the front passenger wheel. My concern is that when I got it out I quickly saw it was ballooned like it's been over-pressurized.

I'm going to replace the cooler, however is there anything that could have caused this? The vehicle has ~ 170k miles, & we've had it around seven years with no problems aside from control arms, door handles, some electronics & suspension compressor repairs (knock on wood). We've put way over 100k miles on it. To my knowledge it's never been over-filled with oil although it seems odd that that would even be a cause.

I googled it & it sounds like this can happen with aircraft in cold climates, like really cold, when there's not adequate warm-ups. We live in NC & we've had some cold mornings over the years, maybe 15F, but that's very rare & the car's always in a garage.

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