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Hi all,

Brilliant forum with a huge amount of experience I'm hoping could give me some pointers.

I'm considering getting a 2005 range rover vogue and having some a bit of reading around am a bit wary about the gearbox given the many tales of woe there are about them.
The car in question actually belongs to a friend of mine who has owned it for the last 4 and a half years, pretty much trouble free. Aside from the odd trailer of logs is really just been a commuter and no off road running.
Mileage is 95k and the fluids/filters were replaced when he bought it (about 50 k miles) and think he said I'd also been done again recently. I'll need to check.

Anyhow, my questions are mainly about the gearbox and any particular symptoms I should be looking out for. I've not owned an automatic and rarely driven one so I'd appreciate any pointers or things to watch for.

One other thing that has puzzled me is that when I checked the vin on a couple of the free online places it came up as unrecognised..? I was reassured that the documentation and plate on the car do match! Any thoughts?

Many thanks!
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