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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Just a line to help anyone with the same symptoms. Suffered battery drain every morning. took it to the garage. tested the battery said fine so would have to go into lots of testing to find fault and could be a serious fault! (lots of blowing and huffing and lots of money involved). After consulting internet (car guy on utube) went back to garage and asked if they definately tested the battery was not only charging but holding a charge. They said definately yes!. I Dont think they knew how to check that the battery was holding a charge as well as taking a charge.

called out RAC breakdown told me battery was fine nothing wrong with it holding a charge!

Asked Green flag (changed from RAC) he tested the battery properly and told me it was definately the battery. I changed the battery - no problem car working fine.

Moral you must ensure that they know what they are doing. If the car has not had a battery change in say three to five years change the battery. worst case - new battery that is due for renewal anyway.:idea:
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