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Hi Guys

Got a 2005 RRS S/C which we got second hand. Found it to be overheating, Replace thermostat, problem solved. BUT.. now uses coolant and cold start produces white steam from left exhaust and misfires, OBD scan proves misfires to be on the same bank. So guess heads needs to come off as previous owner probably overheated it properly and warped heads, cooked head gaskets...etc, all those evil nightmarish things.

Once warmed up it stops the steam and goes like the devil is after it. So guess a very small leak until everything expands and seals up. But it pressurizes the coolant system. I can compare a lot of it to my other RRS S/C (yes, yes .. his and her's) and this has no pressure in the coolant bottle after a overnight cool-down.

Question : Can the heads on a 4.2 S/C in a L320 be removed with the engine in place or do I need to get my A-frame up? If yes, will the heads come off with the exhaust manifold/headers attached by just disconnecting them from the catalytic converters?

Doing the actual job is not a big deal but I don't want to get half way and realize I have to pull the motor.

Many Thanks

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