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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I've been having an issue for a couple of years where I'm getting faults. Most of the time, it's Air Suspension Inactive, and the fault code points to the right front sensor. I had that changed at the local dealer (at least I think I did; forgot to ask them for the old parts), but still get the fault every few days. I've stopped resetting it, although it often does that by itself overnight, or even while driving.

But sometimes I get the full boat of faults: Air Suspension, HDC, Trans Failsafe, ABS light, Brake light, the whole "Christmas tree dash". This most often happens while idling at a long stop, or when one of us stays in the vehicle with the air on while the other runs into a store. With temperatures on the rise (Arizona), it's happened a couple of times in the past month. Like the Air Suspension fault, it mostly resets itself in a day or so without me having to do anything (I have the RSW software).

So, I was wondering if maybe my alternator is starting to go out on me. Belt is good with no squeal, but the fact that it's always at idle with air conditioning, radio, and other loads on got me thinking about just low enough voltage dips to cause the fault? I have a plug-in voltmeter but its response time is slow. I thought about attaching my PC-based scope to measure and graph voltage, but that's cumbersome and it's hard to predict when the fault will happen (I've tried to recreate it on purpose but haven't yet).

Does this sound like something worth pursuing? I'm not a big fan of throwing parts at issues without proper diagnosis...

George, 2005 Range Rover
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