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I scored a great deal on a 2004 Ranger Rover with 120k miles! Petrol model.
I original bought it for parts, but besides sitting outside in the woods for a couple years she is mint!
Everything works and there interior is flawless. Exterior had a few layers of earth on it. I've only taken a garden house and dish soap too it and she shines pretty good.
Previous owner stated it runs when gas is poured in the intake and the transmission slips when warm.
Everything look good and I had it running from an IV bag long enough for me to run a full compression test and she had a good heart.

Here is my issue:
Fuel pump relay is NOT getting consistent power. When the ignition is turned on (position 2) I'm only reading 3.3v for maybe 2 seconds at most. This is from ECM pins. I get a constant 12V from the pins that supply power to the pump.
I've ran through every menu on a iCarsoft OBD2 Diagnostics tool and read maybe a dozen different threads with similar issues.

Previous I diagnosed a dead pump. I removed and bench tested and concluded it was dead. I've replaced it with a new pump and bench tested before installing.

If I jump the Fuel Pump Relay the vehicle will start.

Immobilizer status all came back good.
Nothing really seemed to be out of the ordinary for a car with no fuel pressure!

One error that did stand out was the TIP KEY: DISABLED in the live data stream (for the SBS or Secuity... my notes/handwriting are not the best)

Per Workshop Manual:
The ECM controls operation of the fuel pump via the fuel pump relay in the rear fusebox. The ECM switches the relaycoil to earth to energise the relay when the ignition is first turned to position II. The relay remains energised during
engine cranking and while the engine is running, but will be de-energised after approximately 2 seconds if the ignition
switch remains in position II without the engine running.

A fuel cut-off function is incorporated into the ECM to de-energise the fuel pump in a collision. The cut off function is
activated by a signal from the SRS DCU in the event of an airbag activation. The ECM receives an airbag activation
signal from the SRS DCU on the CAN Bus.

The fuel cut-off function can only be reset by using TestBook/T4.

The ECM monitors the state of the wiring to the coil winding within the fuel pump relay. The ECM will store relevant
fault codes if the ECM detects a problem. The ECM is not able to assess the state of the fuel pump circuit because it
is isolated by the function of the relay. However, if the fuel pump circuit fails, or the pump fails to deliver sufficient fuel
(while the fuel level is above the minimum level), the ECM will store adaptive faults as it tries to increase the air/fuel
ratio by increasing the pulse width of the injectors.
I've also checked with this schematic on another thread.

OBD2 codes:


Does anyone have any other ideas?
Would there be any repercussion to clipping that relay input (from ECM) and running it to a different source? (Such as the power steering for example)

any advice greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever resolve this? I’m Having identical problem, can jump fuel pump and start no error codes, but won’t start with relay (replaces that too).
I’m reading in rave that this is a safety in the event of collision that fuel gets cutoff and must be reset with T4 yearbook . Trying to avoid a trip to the stealer
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