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Hi guys my car which was working fine this morning suddenly refused to start this afternoon. It initially started but as soon as I put it in reverse to back off my driveway it cut out and then wouldn't start again. The ignition is turning over trying to start but it's not firing up.

I called the AA out and the patrolman did various checks and said he can hear the fuel pump priming so he doesn't think it's a fuel supply issue. He said he had an error code on his code reader for 'key code unrecognisable', we tried both keys and neither started the car. He thinks it's either the immobiliser, the car ecu or the transponders in both keys at fault. The error code he said he got was P4976, I've searched the net for this code and can't find anything on it?

Does anyone have any idea on how I should go about fixing this, we tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins and then touching the positive and negative terminals for 10 seconds but that didn't help.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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