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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a 2004 L322 V8, the pixels are mostly dead but I can see a 2 on the odo so I am guessing the mileage is around 200k (km), I have encountered a few issues so far:
1) It can be started when drive is selected (I have seen a wire added that comes from the transmission all the way to the box where the engine ECU is) and I have to hold the key on starting position to start unlike the normal way you just turn once and it starts automatically
2) sometimes out of no where It just shuts off as if it has run out of fuel, but when I restart it it continues to work fine (this happened 2 times on different occasions so far, I have owned this car for 2 months now)
3) Alarm goes off a short time after I lock it, and now the dome lights and the central locking switch in the car are not working (my key does not work remotely it needs replacing so I use the door lock to lock and unlock) I have replaced bonnet switch but still the alarm goes off, I don't get any warning on the dash even if the bonnet is open

if anyone can help me on these issues It will be great!
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